10.10.2011 - Zentai suits after sleeping

In a particular suit (in most, I guess) breath of fresh air, often hang around inside the suit zentai suit and head and breathe again, lying still, there is no outside air to supply fresh air, lycra catsuit too little oxygen in the results, too more carbon dioxide hanging around, wake up a little panic, but with a little bit sick feeling and that I need head.Well, if your hood is reasonably tight, just pull the nose around, and it is suitable for this. If it looks like those pictures, we do not know what to do distortion. I do not know of any special zentai nose reshaping for the zentais, but I did not need it personally. I might suggest the opposite. I find it easier to breathe cover tight, this is my nose for the end of my nose was flat, when compared with slightly baggy fabric underside. I usually adjust the hood, once it's on, especially the tension by pulling down the fabric lycra body suits on my nose out the nose for a little less than the gap to fit closely round the end of my nose, and and in front , the upper lip. I think I might when I talk about carbon dioxide emissions from construction and ideas.

I tried to fit in my second or third night time sleep, it is quite successful. The only thing is that I did not sleep through the night, woke up around 5:30 am, I feel my stomach sick, weird, I almost spit it out, I put my hood down. So, I did not fit the normal sleep in my bed late at night thing. Do not know how or why this happens, this experience is a pleasant sleep,
zentai spandex but woke up really weird. I feel, to sleep once or twice in the fursuit - a larger, more bulky, heavier clothing special features, it is very restricted breathing.
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Zentai suits after sleeping