20.05.2013 - Importance Of Remote Control Helicopter

Consumers might have not understood the concept of having remote control helicopter usage in their regular life. Consumers must not have got the idea of how to use remote control helicopter in their circle in order to make best of it. Infact consumers should go to the right place in order to buyright kind of remote control helicopter for playing. Not only this consumers getting wide-range of RC helicopters from the market and the retailer is providing full support via email and phone to the consumers so that can make the best usage of remote control helicopter. Now a days several sites launching RChelicopters.net is on-line portal for RC Helicopters and RC Helicopters accessories and consumers should know more about these sites to have right kind of remote control helicopter. Such online retailers helps the consumers to purchase from online stores so as to save the money while buying Remote Control Helicopters from the local stores are quite costly. In order to use remote control helicopter consumers need not to have a professional RC helicopter pilot and if the on-line store provides the exact helicopter according to the needs of the consumers. Several sites do not believe in just mini rc helicopter selling remote control helicopter but also makingtheir data of loyal customer by educating and providing great service to such RC Helicopters users. The RChelicopters.net is owned by RC helicopters enthusiasts who aids in putting the correct impression of the product in the market across the globe. Now seeing the demand of remote control helicopter from the consumers is booming in the market for the shake of buyers guide as launched in the market as per the changing conditions. The most significant change in terms of remote control helicopter is the volume of electric cheap tablet helicopters which is getting produced alot in the market globally. So in such conditions consumers should have to use their minds to choose carefully for making correct decisions.
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2.05.2013 - If You Like Scale Rc Helicopters Try Drifting Rc Cars

Not all are able to drive and drift cars, but all can enjoy drifting rc cars. The cost is much less prohibitive as purchasing full sized car plus a driver license is not required either. This may be a excellent activity for families to get involved with for you to be together. They may get together and enjoy competitions on the weekends now with bragging privileges for the week going to the champion.

This isn't just for families with children either. Anyone who loves model cars or scale rc helicopters can enjoy these types too. It could be a great deal of fun to buy an rc car as well as modify remote control cars it simply how you can get the best performance from the car. Joining a bunch that races these cars can be a great way to interact with others who have those same hobbies as you.

Drifting rc cars can be like the full sized versions plus operate the same way. Owners are able to change and improve their cars the way that these people try to make the car drift better. They are quite easy to customize and come in different styles and paint schemes.

Usually it takes some time to learn ways to get the car to drift, yet after some practice it can be done easily. Those who get into these types of rc cars delight in getting to make their own exhausted to get the top efficiency from their vehicles. These people may also test different methods seeking the tactic to win the competition.

You'll have fun with drifting rc cars any place you have enough space to get the car to drift. This may be done in large driveways or even unfilled parking lots where you have authorization. Be creative with where you run your cars to have as much fun as you can.

It can also be a lot of fun to get involved with organizations or clubs close to you that concentrate on such radio controlled cars and trucks and have races. This is usually a great way for folks to meet up with like minded individuals who share the same past time. You can have a lot of fun participating in competitions and getting tips about your hobby from others. This can be a great way for beginners to learn from experienced drivers have been doing this longer.

The techniques of drifting rc cars is the same as it is for drifting full size cars. You want your car to be sleek, have particular tires that can allow for drifting and you need to know how to take the corner so rc airplane kits that your car drifts around it. Through practice this can be done easily.

When you're aiming to drift you want to raise your speed, take the corner sharply, and still give it throttle. This should be making your vehicle drift and by controlling the throttle you'll control the drift of the rc car. You may not be able to accomplish this the first couple of tries, but don't give up as it can be done.
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9.04.2013 - How to Choose the Best RC Helicopter for You

Due to the increasing popularity of the , their sales are booming high with each passing day. Remote controlled toy enthusiasts buy them from recognized stores and website to avoid any hassle as they are aware of the basic rules and things applied while buying the product. But the newbies or the parents, who want to gift it to their son, are mostly left confused and skeptical when it comes to choosing the right remote controlled helicopter. To help you in your search, we are here with some tips on how to choose the best rc helicopter:

?For whom you are buying: while buying a remote controlled helicopter you must first determine for whom you are buying it and who will be using it. If it is for a grown up then you should buy a big sized RC helicopter, and if it is for a small kid then a small RC helicopter will do. If you want to buy a big one for your kiddo then make sure he flies it under your guidance.

?Where to buy: RC helicopters are so popular that it seems that every website or toy store is selling them. But before barging onto your next door toy store, you must make sure that they have the right remote control helicopter with them and you are not paying more than its actual worth.

?Which type to buy: there are basically two types of rc cars is electronic or battery operated and other is mechanic or gas operated. Electronic or battery operated RC helicopter is generally used by those who are new to this hobby. They are light weight and cheap so even if they face any accident or break, you can still buy a new one. Gas operated RC helicopters runs on gas just like motors and needs the user to be well aware of the basics of the motor. This is the reason, only professionals who are fully aware of the flying, for these. They are heavy and needs precision to fly them.

?It should be repairable: it is always written on the pack but most of the time they are not repairable. If you are buying helicopter for a newbie of your kid then choose the one that is fully repairable or whose parts are available for replacement. This way you can save your bucks.
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12.03.2013 - Splinter Cell: Blacklist RC Plane Actually Does Fly

The Paladin Edition of Splinter Cell: Blacklist comes with a remote control airplane modeled after Fourth Echelon's mobile base. To assure gamers that this plane can actually take to the skies, Ubisoft has released a video of a test flight.

The C-147B Paladin plane has two engines and can reach speeds of up to 35 miles per hour. It can fly up to 250 feet away from the remote. You'll get up to four minutes of flight time until you need to recharge battery.

A pre-flight warranty will cover you through February 27th, 2014. Instructional videos will help you build, operate and maintain the plane. Parkflyers RC will provide customer service and sell you replacement parts if need be. http://blogya.de/rccarstore/

The rc airplanes is exclusively available through the $169.99 Paladin Edition. This bundle also includes two co-op maps and two in-game items. Ubisoft has also thrown in a poster and graphic novel.
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6.03.2013 - RC Helicopters: Feature a Sophisticated Aviation Technology

They are several brands of rc helicopters for every need, ability and budget. In addition, there are many build-it-yourself kits available to assist RC helicopter enthusiasts to take up the challenge of putting into practice their wiring and motor skills.

In order to teach children pitch and throttle control, modern rc helicopters like the Discovery Command Force Comanche Chopper are recommended. In addition, children should be taught about the safety of playing using rc helicopters. Radio control helicopters should be flown in an area devoid of other people. Furthermore, the ideal location will avert possible occurrence of crash landing.

Operations of the remote control helicopter

Flying rc helicopters is both rewarding and fun. RC helicopters operate on the same principles employed in operating a full- size helicopter. In order to lift, they utilize the main rotor blade while the tail rotor blade is used to steer. The RC helicopter flies in the direction pointed by the nose; your focus should be on the nose while flying the radio controlled helicopter. You should therefore avoid loosing your perspective by focusing on what the tail is doing.

Super Syma S107 3CH Mini Remote Control Helicopter Model: The 3CH Mini Remote Control Helicopter is designed in such a manner that meets your expectations; it is suitable for both outdoors and indoors. This is a three channel RC helicopter considered as one of the best beginner rc helicopters available in the market that features a sophisticated aviation technology. The model is manufactures using alloy, which makes the product strong and crash resistant. You therefore do not have to worry about breaking the helicopter when landing, because of this tough material. Furthermore, with its infrared RC system, the helicopter is made easier to fly and to maneuver. With the 3CH Mini Remote Control Helicopter, you are assured of an informative and fun filled experience.

This model is recommended for persons above the age of 14 years. It measures 8.7x1.9x3.9 inch (L x W x H). In addition, it has a flying duration of 15 minutes, a remote control distance of 66 feet and flying height of 66 feet. The battery charge time is 40 minutes. The 3CH Mini Remote Control Helicopter power source is the 3.7V 130mAh Lithium Battery while the RC power source is a 6x AA Batteries.
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22.02.2013 - Assembling your own rc helicopter

It is an amazing thing to get your own rc helicopter especially if you assemble it yourself. It does not take a genius to assemble an rc helicopter. Assembling takes little time and requires a person who is keen enough to place things in their right places. If you want to enjoy flying an rc helicopter that you have assembled yourself you only require one of the rc helicopter kits available in the market today. You can select the kit that is specially made for starters or the more complex coaxial rc helicopter kit and assemble the parts to make your own helicopter.

Assembling your own rc helicopterThe coaxial rc helicopter kit comes with all the parts needed to make an rc helicopter and a software to practice on a PC. The kit comes with performance oriented sound effects and 3d graphic that make you feel a touch of reality in your rc helicopter. The helicopter allows full detection of 3D surfaces and objects in the landscape to avoid dangerous crashes. The kit provides 3D texture which is realistic showing all the reflections, shadows and transparent objects. The kit also provides the user with an interface with over 15 languages. The coaxial rc helicopter kit comes with the latest stimulator software ideal for beginners which is compatible with windows xp. An integrated flight reorder is included for the user to use when training. This software is installed in the computer in order to practice before you get to the field to do the real thing.

After getting the RC helicopter kit assemble all the parts as described on the manual. The kit will come with all the parts packaged in one box and all you will need to do is pick them and fix them together. The RC helicopter kit comes with a manual which provides guidelines on the assembly of the rc helicopter. Each part is placed in its appropriate place and make sure that where there are screws they need to be tightened to avoid inconvenience during flights. The manufacturer will provide you with a diagram that guides you when installing the components. When you are through with the assembling you can check on the rc helicopter's functions by running a test flight which should not be complex. Most of the rc helicopters can fly to the maximum of a 1000 feet and do speeds of around 80m/s. check on the transmission and if all is well you can start using your new rc helicopter.
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17.02.2013 - Radio-controlled cars - not only for children

Radio-controlled cars are a traditional toy, the source of numerous happy childhood memories for millions of people. Yet radio-controlled vehicles arent only a timeless item: theyre also a great model for the kids (and adults) of today.
If you havent enjoyed radio-controlled cars since you were a kid, you could be astonished by just how far theyve come. The once-huge battery packs have become slimmer thanks to improvements in battery technology, and the cars themselves have got much faster.
One of many most fun things about the vehicles is as you are able to race them together with your friends. All you need is really a large road or way, or a park for off-road cars, and you can easily see whose is the best. An obstacle course can be even set up by you to add some skill to the race all you want is just a few garden toys, and youre set. If you get good, you can even enter the events which are used by fans all around the world.
How good your car or truck can be is only tied to how much you want to invest, from toy cars that cost alongside nothing all the way up to cars that are essentially just a smaller type of the genuine article. You can find cars given that look just like greater cars, have mini versions of the same components inside and run on gas in place of electricity. Some have stereos inside! The fastest radio-controlled car in the world could achieve speeds of remote control car 111mph, that is never to be sniffed at.
If you get really into RC cars, you can begin creating them your self from packages, that is hard but rewarding when all of it works right. Making and correcting some of the higher-end models can be a smart way for children to learn the fundamentals of mechanical engineering who knows, perhaps itll help them with their career. If you thought RC cars were only a model, think again.http://blogya.de/rccarstore/
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31.01.2013 - Flight Schools for RC Aircrafts

A radio controlled (R/C) airplane flies just like a normal plane, except that you are on the ground and control the movements of it via a remote control. If you don't know how to properly fly these types of model planes, then you can crash it and destroy your investment. RC flight schools teach you how to fly and land these machines. Individual course offerings and schedules vary by school.
The 1st U.S. R/C Flight School offers basic solo and aerobatics courses and the first course is for new pilots. The basic solo course is available from May through September, and it is a five day class. Only three to four people are accepted per class, and you work one-on-one with your professor. The professor has joint control over the plane, and can quickly take back over controls if something goes wrong. The aerobatics course is for advanced users, and it teaches you have to roll, spin and loop your airplane. http://blogya.de/rccarstore/
You also learn how to properly use the rudder and how to deal with wind problems. This school is located in Shawano, Wisconsin.The 2nd R/C Flight School is located in Sherwood, Arkansas, and it offers both intermediate and beginner classes. In the beginner class, you learn flying techniques on a simulator trainer, and you learn about each control on the plane's remote. You can take up to six flying lessons in one day, and you also participate in workshops. The intermediate flight training course lasts four days, and it shows you have to move and land your plane. You also learn how to do crosswind and short field takeoffs, and you learn how to properly use the rudder.Eagle R/C Flight School offers a radio controlled 20 hour airplane course, and this course teaches you how to take off and land your plane.
You also learn how to deal with adverse wind conditions and how fly in different types of traffic patterns. The goal is to have each student complete between 100 and 300 landings. This is a combination classroom and outdoor flight school, and you have at least 10 hours of flying time. Eagle R/C Flight School is located in Keystone Heights, Florida.This school is located in Lockport, New York, and it is a combination hobby shop store and training center. It offers indoor R/C helicopter training, allowing you to learn how to fly your model helicopter before or after you buy it. Contact the company for the latest course offering.rc airplane
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25.01.2013 - How to Operate Remote Control Helicopters

Remote control helicopters (or RC helicopters) allow users to control their very own miniature helicopter. Using the remote, the user can control the acceleration, rudder and blades of the helicopter. Since the remote for a basic RC helicopter has a small number of controls, learning how to operate the toy is an easy process. 1 Turn the "on/off" switch on both the RC helicopter and remote to activate both devices .2 Turn your rc plane accelerator switch upwards to make the helicopter blades spin faster and lift the helicopter off of the ground. 3 Turn the directional knobs on the remote to move the helicopter in the air. The left directional stick should control forwards and backwards movement, while the right stick controls left-to-right movement. 4 Land the helicopter by taking your hands off of the direction sticks, making the helicopter stand still in the air. Slowly turn the accelerator down, and the helicopter will slowly land on the ground.
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18.01.2013 - Grand Canyon Helicopter Trips

rc carsOf the many beautiful and magnificent places in the United States none can beat the Grand Canyon. Looking over that beautiful area, with its many shapes and colors takes one's breath away, and has been named one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. There are many different vantage points to look at, over the rim, but nothing compares to Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours.

Anybody who is familiar with the 'Grand Canyon Suite' music can feel what the writer, of that song, saw when he wrote it. The clip clop of mules heading down the steep trail, to the bottom, is reproduced in one section of that song. The sound of birds, a small looking stream and little buildings on the canyon floor, are all given life in that music.

Different areas have been painted often by legendary artists, yet they have been unable to completely record all the reds, yellows, oranges and other colors which constantly change as the sun's rays move across this magnificent piece of nature. Standing on the edge of a rim, it's not unusual to see some of nature's creatures that live there in harmony.

Proof has been discovered that humans lived in Grand Canyon National Park over 10,500 years ago. In at least 4,000 of those years it was populated by Native Americans. It was in 1540 that Europeans, men from Coronado's gold-seeking expedition, first caught sight of it. Over the years, many trappers and others came through the region. History books are packed with names of the many people that explored and enjoyed this fantastic work of nature.

In 1869, John Wesley Powell explored the gorge with a boat expedition. On a second journey he named it the Grand Canyon. This was followed by pioneers looking for a location to mine copper in the 1880's. This was when tourist accommodations were constructed. To get to the place, at that time, tourists had to use a stagecoach.

With the building of a railroad, to the Fourth Rim, in 1901 more visitors arrived to see this beautiful spectacle. Given Federal protection, as a forest reserve, in 1893, the canyon achieved national park classification in 1919, one of the select first parks founded by the new National Park Service. The El Tovar Hotel, which is still in existence today, was built in 1905.

The Grand Canyon was shaped by the Colorado River, which flows across the floor of the canyon at about four miles per hours. A lot of people take a boat cruise through on the river or go by pontoon raft for an interesting excursion. Riding down the narrow trail from the top to the bottom is quite an experience but it's also rather rough on one's body.

The Grand Canyon is quite large, covering a large number of acres with exciting sights from all rims. To view the entire area, many people try a Grand Canyon helicopter tour. This provides the opportunity for one to see the area from every possible angle, not missing anything. A number of these helicopters will even land on the chasm floor for a delicious lunch.
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30.12.2012 - How To Tune Nitro RC Cars

Everything there is to know about the components and subsystems of nitro RC cars can be used to help you tune them and get a better performance out of them, as a racer. This will also depend on your mechanic skills, though. If you aren't too sure of yourself, you can always opt for ready-to-run cars instead. But if you think you are up to the challenge, here are several fundamental tips on tuning your car. The clutch condition of any nitro RC car happens to be vital for great acceleration. However, as time goes by, a glaze will form on the plate and bell of the clutch, which can reduce the grip and make the clutch slip onto the bell. In order to avoid this, you will have to scrape this glaze every now and then with fine sand paper and clean it thoroughly. Breaking the engine in would also be essential in order to keep your car's life going at its best. As with actual cars, nitro RC cars have a differential with a lot of gears. The difference is that these RC cars are complex and small, so they are also much more expensive. remote control car Breaking in your RC car's engine very carefully prior to letting it loose on actual races would be a great help when it comes to this. So, run your car at about 1/4 of its overall power while its wheels are off the ground. Then, in a steady and slow manner, run it up 8s or 10s then down again. This will let you run complete races without damaging your car's engine. Make sure the air filter is always kept in great condition, too. Remember that the engines of nitro RC cars cannot afford to get even the smallest air filter malfunction, so tightly tie a safety wire on the filter to stop it from getting loose and trim off every wire projection afterwards. Now, while servicing, the spring-loaded pull start, this can easily open, which is why any race accident can easily open it at inappropriate times, as well. To avoid this, securely tie some safety wire to your car's engine block and get rid of the extra wire afterwards. The car's engine pull-start cord can get frayed and worn while servicing, as well, so make sure you check it out every now and then and replace it when necessary. Do not pull the cord too much, though, so it doesn't get struck in. Of course, you should always remember to read the entire manual and follow the instructions that come with your nitro RC cars in order to ensure lasting satisfaction and a great performance overall. http://blogya.de/rccarstore/
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27.12.2012 - Serial killer's double life: How Israel Keyes hid in plain sight for a decade

ANCHORAGE, Alaska, - A confessed serial killer from Alaska who hid in plain sight and whose crimes went undetected for more than a decade, was ultimately caught after he gave in to his compulsions and struck close to home. Israel Keyes, in jail since March for the kidnapping and murder of 18-year-old coffee stand server Samantha Koenig in Anchorage, Alaska, confessed to that and other violent crimes. Then guards found him dead on Dec. 2 after he committed suicide by cutting his wrists and choking himself with a bed sheet. He was 34. Keyes, a U.S. Army veteran, lived a quiet life in one of Anchorage's best neighborhoods, doing well-regarded handyman work for unsuspecting customers. He had been due to go on trial in March for Koenig's death, and investigators believe he killed eight to 11 people, if not more. A picture of Keyes' double-life emerged from his own words -- authorities released excerpts from 40 hours of interviews with investigators to reporters -- and from interviews and news conferences given by investigators, who said they believed his confessions were sincere. "Everything that he told them has been borne out," Lieutenant Dave Parker of the Anchorage Police Department said on Sunday. Keyes admitted that he committed numerous killings, bank robberies and other crimes across the country. He admitted to plans for more killings. He admitted to several unreported crimes and acts of cruelty committed before he started killing people, including Advertisement the rape of a teenager in Oregon in the late 1990s and torture of animals when he was a child. His suicide ended the revelations and made him a rarity -- a confessed serial killer who was never convicted of murder. "It gives us no pleasure to dismiss the charges against remote control car Mr. Keyes, but that's what the law requires," said Kevin Feldis, the assistant U.S. attorney leading the prosecution. The criminal investigation will continue indefinitely, even if there is no prosecution, "because there will inevitably be many, many unknowns," Feldis said. Keyes was caught in Texas in March with a debit card stolen from Koenig, whom he abducted from her coffee stand in February. Keyes admitted to kidnapping, raping and killing her, then dismembering her body and dumping her remains in an icy lake before traveling out of Alaska. Once in custody, he also confessed to the 2011 killings of Bill and Lorraine Currier of Essex, Vermont, and the disposal of four bodies in Washington state and one in New York state. Only three homicides have been definitively pinned to him -- those of Koenig and the Curriers -- in large part because Keyes could not identify victims by name. His motivation was enjoyment, said Monique Doll, an Anchorage homicide detective who worked on the investigation. Throughout his months of jail interviews, Keyes was utterly unapologetic and remorseless, she said. "Israel Keyes didn't kidnap and kill people because he was crazy. He didn't kidnap and kill people because his deity told him to or because he had a bad childhood. Israel Keyes did this because he got an immense amount of enjoyment out of it, much like an addict gets an immense amount of enjoyment out of drugs," Doll told a news conference. He also enjoyed staying under the radar, officials said. He targeted total strangers, avoiding anyone with any possible connection, traveling hundreds of miles to target random victims at secluded parks, trail heads and other remote locations. He broke some of his own rules when he killed Koenig, abducting her at her workplace on a busy Anchorage street, where security cameras caught some of his actions, and killing her at his own house, officials said. Keyes admitted he considered merely robbing Koenig -- whom he did not know -- and instead gave in to his compulsions, Doll said. "In prior cases, he had enough self-control to walk away from it," Doll said. "But with Samantha, he didn't." Koenig's case dominated local news, and supporters raised a reward fund, held candlelight vigils and gave self-defense lessons to coffee stand servers. Keyes got a thrill from following the news coverage, so long as his name was not linked to the case, investigators said. When he was identified by a Vermont television station in the s u mmer as the suspect in the murder of the Curriers, he became so angry he stopped speaking to investigators for two months. Keyes grew up in Washington state in a fundamentalist Christian family that, in the past, attended a white-supremacist, anti-Semitic church but later moved out of the region and became affiliated with other congregations, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center civil rights group. Keyes served in the U.S. Army for three years, including a brief stint in Egypt, and was discharged from Fort Lewis Army Base in Washington state in 2001. In his interviews, he said he was anxious for his military service to end so that he could start murdering people, Feldis said. He moved to Alaska in 2007 and lived with his daughter and a girlfriend in Anchorage's Turnagain neighborhood, near many of the city's most prominent citizens, top attorneys and law-enforcement officials, operating a one-man contracting business. "He was well-known in Anchorage as a really good handyman," said state Senator Hollis French, who lived around the corner from Keyes. All the while, Keyes said in his interviews, he was "two different people." "There's no one who knows me or who has ever known me, who knows anything about me, really," Keyes said in one of the interviews. Keyes told authorities he almost killed a young couple and an Anchorage police officer at a beach overlook, about a month before killing the Curriers in Vermont. Keyes said he was hiding in the park with a gun and a silencer and ready to ambush his victims; he wanted to test the silencer that he would later bring to the East Coast on his trip to kill the Curriers. He stopped when a second police officer arrived on the scene. "It could have got ugly, but fortunately for the cop guy, his backup showed up," a chuckling Keyes said one interview. "I almost got myself into a lot of trouble on that one." The silencer wound up in a stockpile of murder supplies that Keyes stashed in upstate New York, near a home he owned there. Keyes admitted to placing several such caches around the country, investigators said. Officials have found two so far -- the New York stockpile and one in the Anchorage suburb of Eagle River that contained a shovel and bottles of liquid clog remover, material for concealing a body and speeding decomposition. Until he was arrested, Keyes' plan was to leave Alaska this year and work as an itinerant contractor making repairs in hurricane-struck areas of the United States, Feldis said. "That would allow him to move from place to place and commit murders," Feldis said. http://blogya.de/rccarstore/
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