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27.04.2013 - Alarm systems Bijak

One of the Indonesian furniture manufacturers, Vivere collaboration with US-based company, Steelcase office furniture in mendistributorkan exclusive. Furniture-furniture is priced starting Rp3, 5 million to Rp25 million. Alarm systems Kata Bijak Margahayuland oke

"For furniture Steelcase chairs, dtawarkan starting price of Rp3, 5 million to Rp 25 million," said Steven Aloysius Project Executive Vivere to Okezone, when events and Steelcase Vivere cooperation in introducing new products in the Indonesian market, at SHY Rooftop Pappilion, Jakarta, Wednesday (17/04/2014) night.

Although expensive, the work furnishings such as tables and chairs are produced they are made from recycled materials (recycled). "If at Steelcase no obligation 90 percent of the materials used are recycled produck," said Aloysius.

He added to the design capacity of one person office desks offered at a price of Rp 9 million. "For this type of Steelcase's in America there sekiR 30 to 40 species, however, who entered Indonesia Area five new species. And this time will be launched again a type of chair with a range of approximately Rp20 to Rp25 million," he added.

Furthermore, he said if chairs are offered the use of the design of America and Indonesia has imported status directly from there. "To get long durability depending on usage, it's just that from us no warranty for eight years," said Aloysius. Alarm systems Kata Bijak Margahayuland oke

Vivere collaboration with Steelcase is expected to expand its presence in Indonesia and to create a better working environment throughout the Asia region. This cooperation makes Vivere as operator and Steelcase as a provider in the needs of existing customers.

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